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Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016, 14:45

Club Expansion in the UK

Hello to every handball lover,

I'm leaving here the link to the facebook page of Islington Handball Club; a club which was founded around 3 years ago and which is developing a good structure for coming years.

It currently has a Mens Senior Team (2nd Division Championship South) with only 12 players from all over europe (Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Romania) and still sits 3rd place after 5 games in the first year in 2nd Division; it has a Mens Senior 2nd Team (London Regional Development)which is meant to give opportunity to new starters for the sport and also some Mens First Team players that take the opportunity to play more games to increase their stamina and gameplay; Islington also has a Womens Team (London Regional Development) that it's mainly composed of begginers that are very eager to learn the sport and have fun along the way; and finally it has a Under-18 Boys Team which is very nice due to the fact that handball isn't very well known for the young kids in the UK.

I hope you all can help expose Islington Handball Club around the globe, so the sport in the UK gets more fans as it should have,´and hopefuly if you plan to live in the UK and fancy some good handball experience, you can come and visit us in North London. (Details of trainings are also on facebook and the clubs website.

WEBSITE: Islington Handball Club | London