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Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 9:21am

Gruppe B:

1. Hypo Niederösterreich......6
2. Viborg HK A/S................4
3. Dinamo AQUA Volgograd..2
4. Nordstrand 2000.............0

Gruppe C:

1. Kometal D. P. Skopje.....6
2. Slagelse FH...................4
3. HC "Lada Toljatti"..........2
4. HC "Motor" Zaporozhye..0

Gruppe D:

1. Krim Ljubljana..........6
2. Orsan Elda Prestigio..4
3. Tertnes Bergen.......2
4. RK DIN Nis..............0
Original von
Beliebte Sportarten aber auch Randsportarten wie Handball kommen beim Publikum an.


Sunday, January 23rd 2005, 9:51pm

Gruppe A:
Ikast Bording EH - CBM Astroc Sagunto 32:27 (13:12)
Im Finish doch noch klarer Heimerfolg über Dinamo Volgograd

Im dritten Spiel der Gruppe B besiegte Hypo NÖ den russichen Vizemeister Volgograd letztendlich doch noch sicher mit 31:25 (14:14). Das Match wogte über den Großteil der spieldistanz hin und her, den Südstädterinnen gelang es wieder nicht, einen Viertorevorsprung zu halten und lag knapp vor dem Seitenwechsel sogar mit zwei Toren zurück. Doch je länger die Partie dauerte, desto mehr übernahm Hypo NÖ die Initiative. Zuerst war es Gabi Rotis, die fast im Minutenabstand traf. Und dann folgte der große Auftritt von Tanja Logvin, die in der Endphase des Champions League Spieles den Russinnen den "Todesstoss" versetzte. Großer Rückhalt in den letzten 15 Minuten des Matches war Torfrau Paula Radulescu, die mit teilweise unglaublichen Paraden Volgograd stets auf Distanz hielt. Bereits am kommenden Freitag folgt im BSFZ Südstadt das nächste Heimspiel, Gegner ist das noch immer punktelose Nordstrand Oslo.

Hypo NÖ - Dinamo Volgograd 31:25 (14:14)
Tore: Logvin (11), Rotis (9), Shynkarenko (3), Nascimento (2), Bilobrk (2), Spiridon (2), Engel (2).
So langsam macht sich "Oma Logvin" doch bezahlt...


Monday, January 24th 2005, 10:00pm


The Danish team continues its path of victory on the challenging Champions League road. On Sunday the Danes grabbed their third win in three group matches – via a solid 32-27 win over the Spanish side Astro Sagunto

Danish club Ikast-Bording EH is facing a positive bit of deja vu. After three group matches in this year’s Champions League, the Danes have taken the first steps towards the quarterfinals. Six points and the top spot in Group A: a superb start for Ikast, but also a start with a challenge. Last seasons statistics confirm that Ikast-Bording – in January 2004 - was in the same position. But without success. The Danes failed to qualify – due to the sacking of the coach and internal turbulence.

But this time, the Ikast-team appears stronger and swept with harmony. On Sunday afternoon the rising form was reassured via a solid 32-27 victory versus Spanish side CM Astroc Sagunto. Ikast-Bording deserved the home win due to an effort, combined with hard work, team tactics and individual performances. The stars of the match were Ikast-wingers – the Danish internationals Josephine Touray and Line Daugaard – who scored 14 of the 32 goals.

However, the first half was equally split between the two teams. The reasons were two good defences. Ikast-Bording started with a 3-0 lead – a three goal lead, the home team retained this lead for most of the first half. But with some difficulties.
The offensive 3:2:1 defence style of Astroc Saguntoc created stress and caused some of the Ikast players to make several errors. The Spanish team gathered strength through their discipline and patience – a combination, which was awarded at half time. The Ikast-Bording lead was punched down to 13-12.

Astroc Sagunto equalised few minutes into the second half. But Ikast-Bording had more for the 1780 spectators. A 16-15 lead was improved to 20-16, before the crucifying knockout at 23-16. The last, but vital step, only took four minutes. After the match 42nd minute, the hosts were in control. The weapons were once again keeper Karin Mortensen and a strong and aggressive Ikast-defence. But the most important key was the movable attacks, combined with breakthrough efforts and deadly counterattacks. Astroc Sagunto had no answers to the strength of the Danish team.

The final score seemed closer than the missing struggle of the second half. Both Ikast-Bording and the guests of Valencia gave away easy goals in the last minutes.

Text: Ole Bitsch



Viborg HK took the second victory in the Champions League demolishing Nordstrand 29-14 – in Oslo, Norway.

The home team Nordstrand made a good start leading 3-1 after 10 minutes - though it was only a question of time before the Danish Champion made a serious attack on the Norwegians.

But first the 1004 spectators witnessed a lot of technical fouls. The first ten minutes were made up of lost balls, bad shots, bad passes etc. A cold sports centre combined with a brand new ball is a very bad combination.

After the first ten minutes, the Danes revealed why they were the favourites going into the match in Oslo. There was a 13-7 Viborg lead after the first half, but there was more to come. The first minutes of the second half were a true Danish dream – and a Norwegian nightmare. Six Danish goals in a row – the difference was bigger than anyone could believe:

“Viborg is better than last year and we are weaker. They have several stars sitting on the bench. I have many players without any international experience,” Nordstrand coach Ivica Rimanic said when explaining the difference to journalists and spectators after the match.

The 31-year old Nordstrand keeper Heidi Tjugum was a great star in Viborg and Denmark until 2003, but there was no friendly gesture from her former club. Heidi Tjugum made a solid performance, but it was not enough this Saturday afternoon. Her former team mate and apprentice 22-year old Olympic Champion Louise Bager Noergaard was “player of the match” making an impressive 23 saves – 63 %!

“I am very proud of my team. We gave a very strong performance today. A strong, strong defence and a super Louise (Bager Nørgaard, red.) showing her importance in the team. We have improved in quality the last three weeks,” said Viborg coach Ryan Zinglersen - also celebrating the Wednesday victory in the Danish league against the Champion League winners, Slagelse.

In the table Viborg is number one in Denmark, but only second in group B to undefeated Austrian team Hypo Niederösterreich. The coming weekend will see round 4 with the Austrians playing at home against Nordstrand and Viborg visiting Volgograd.

Text: Jens Ole Sorensen


Orsan Elda Prestigio suffers it's first defeat at the hands of Krim Ljubljana

On Saturday afternoon, the two remaining undefeated teams in Group D came face to face for the first time. Elda, which lies in southeast region of Spain, played host to the national champions from Spain and Slovenia. In the hall 2500 spectators were anticipating a great battle for victory between the two teams, especially since as Slovenia has won the prestigious Champions League competition twice within the last four seasons, the match was expected to be a very close, but it was not like that at all.

The Slovenian players, lead by coach Tone Tiselj, were completely in control over the whole 60 minutes of this third round group D match. They started extremely well and took great advantage of the situation scoring 7 goals in the first nine minutes. The home team only managed to achieve their second goal in 10th minute of the game. It was obvious that Angel Sandoval's team were nervous before the start of this important match. Elda seemed to be in first half always “chasing” the handballers from Ljubljana. It was not entirely easy for the players from Krim; they had some “crisis” minutes when they were not able to go through the aggressive Spanish defence. They managed to finish the first 30 minutes of the match 4 goals ahead.

Total control of match
After the players returned to the court after their break, it first seemed that the picture would c change as Elda got of to a good start in the 2nd half and were able to bridge the gap in the scores but only by a small amount. With help of the loud crowd, Stephanie Cano, Silvana Ilic, Susana Fraile and others started to play better and they did not make so many mistakes in attack. Nevertheless, once again Krim Ljubljana showed why they were twice at the top of the Champions League.

Unbelievably Ludmila Bodnieva and the great Ukrainian player Maryna Vergelyuk did not let host team to come closer than two goals. Krim's defence of 5-1 was perfect, they played their best game of the year and what was more the goalkeeper Luminita Dinu was on top form.

This was too much for Elda Prestigio who could not hold up against the constant pressure from their opponents. 45 minutes into the game, the Slovenian national champions were at their biggest advantage when the score was 17:26.

Even though the players from Krim loosened up a bit in the 2nd half and by the time the Spanish had caught up a bit, the match was already decided. Krim won consecutively for the third time in season 2004/05. The players of Elda Prestigio were defeated for the first time. The match ended with the result 25:30. This win means that Krim of Slovenia takes the lead within group D.

After the match, the coach from Krim Ljubljana was satisfied: “My girls had to work really hard to beat Elda, who had great support from their fans. In addition, we played this game for our players that did not come to Spain, Tanja Oder and Andrea Farkas.”

One of key players from Elda, also member of Slovenia national team, Silvana Ilic, admitted after the match that Krim was too strong: “I think we played well today but Krim was simply better. They surprised us with defensive formation and we did not have the right solution.” said the member of Elda Pretsigio.

Text: Maja Mastnak


One step closer to the quarterfinal for Kometal!

With their third consecutive win in the Women’s Champion league this season, Kometal GP Skopje defeated the current European Champion Slagelse FH (DEN). A clear victory for Kometal 20-12 (9-4) bought them one step closer to quarterfinal. It seems that aggressive and effective defence is the new "trade mark" of Kometal GP Skopje. When this defence fails, the keeper Nataliya Borysenko "closes the doors to the goal". The club is showing an ambition for a repeat performance of 2002, when Kometal GP Skopje won the Champions League. Now theoretically, Kometal needs just one win in the next three games to secure a place amongst the best eight clubs. This is first "hat-trick" from Kometal since 2002. The best group results Kometal have achieved took place in the CL season 97/98 with a five win series.

"Normally six wins will be a record for us, our goal is to secure a place in the next round. Now we are looking forward to first place in the group. I am pleased because we play much better in every game” - said Andriy Portnoy, Kometal GP Skopje coach.

Slagelse FH came close, but not close enough, to overtaking Kometal in the second half when they managed to close the gap with a narrow two goal difference (9-7), and during the match played hard to change the results. From the start, Kometal took the lead 5-0 and by the end of the first half, the Macedonian champions extended their lead to 9-4.

Borysenko's night

Ukrainian international Nataliya Borysenko once again showed that she was on good form. This time she saved 15 attempts at goal, together with three penalties. In first five minutes, she stopped penalty shots from Fridrikas and Petrovic. Later in the game, Lungu also missed her penalty shot.

"This was her night. She put us back in game and stopped many crucial balls. Borysenko was part of the defence team” - said captain Indira Kastratovic who scored 5 goals.

Slagelse FH had the chance to reverse their fortunes in first five minutes of the second half, when they cut the lead to 9-7. After this, Kometal once again had a series, where they quickly extended their lead to 12-7 and 13-8. Yeliz Ozel scored 4 goals, Platon and Radchenko 3 goals.

Slagelse 15 minutes without goal!

The European champion needed 15 minutes to score their first goal in this match (5-1). After 13 minutes Anja Andersen, requested a “time out” to advise her shocked players. However, the situation stayed the same. Slagelse made many technical mistakes and missed many opportunities to score. The Kometal defence stopped the guest back players Petrovic and Lungu. Both missed 20 shots between them. Slagelse’s trainer Andersen was nervous and unable to change tactics. She tried to put the new fresh player, Fridrikas on left wing, two 6- meter line players, Rikke Schmidt instead of Leganger, but not even this could produced the expected results. Kometal through the talents of Kastratovic, Ozel and Platon extended the lead in second half to 15-9 by the 44th minute.

"Kometal played a different type of defence, mostly 6-0 and when it was necessary to cover Bojana Petrovic and Rikke Horlykke, kometal switched to a 5-1 defence. Slagelse did have problems and we had to adjust our defence. I am pleased that our players’ returned to defence quickly and interrupted the fast breaks made by Slagelse. When you play good in defence and it looks to the team that results have to come. We are one step closer to quarterfinal and need just to win against “Motor” at home.” - said Andriy Portnoy the coach from Kometal.

Slagelse players left the sports hall immediately after the match and did not attend the press conference. Rikke Horlyke scored 4 goals, the pivot, Melgard, scored 3 goals. Serbian Maja Savic scored just one goal from the two attempts she made.

Goodbye and Good Luck! Naceva, Velkova and Cupic
Three Macedonian national players, and club legends, Gordana Naceva, Mirjana Cupic and Mileva Velkova have officially retired from professional handball. Last summer they decided to quit, and several attempts at organising a strong tournament failed, so the club picked the Champions League game against Slagelse to be their farewell party.

Only Velkova will continue to be directly involved with handball, as coach of youngsters, as part of the Kometal GP Skopje handball school. Her husband, Ane Velkov is the goalkeeper coach for the senior team of Kometal GP. Goalkeeper Naceva, graduate lawyer, is currently negotiating with Macedonian handball federation for the position of marketing director, and Cupic would like to finish her university studies.

"We believed that Kometal GP would win, and this is the best present for our farewell. For more than 10 years, we have played in the "green-yellow" shirts, and have had many moments of celebration, joy and tears. Now we have seen that it is much easier to be in the stands than on the court” - said Mileva Velkova.

Text: Goran Antevski


Friday, January 28th 2005, 8:14pm

Harte Zeiten bei RK DIN Nis. Nach den bescheidenen Ergebnissen in der CL wurden die Bezüge der Mannschaft und des Coaches gekürzt. Weitere Kürzungen stehen im Raum, sollte sich das Abschneiden in der CL nicht verbessern.
Währenddessen wurde bei ZRK Buducnost MONET Coach Panov entlassen, Nachfolger ist Dusko Milic.

Und am Freitag abend killt Hpo Oslo mit 37:25. Ein Klassenunterschied - so nennt man das wohl.

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Friday, January 28th 2005, 9:25pm

Heute 10 Tore in Wien erzielt ...

wenn ein Verein eine Kreisläuferin sucht, bekommt er von mir folgenden Namen: Randi Gustad - da würde ich dann bestimmt auch häufiger zum Zugucken vorbeikommen :lol:


Saturday, January 29th 2005, 10:51pm

RE: Heute 10 Tore in Wien erzielt ...


Original von zmagoválec
wenn ein Verein eine Kreisläuferin sucht, bekommt er von mir folgenden Namen: Randi Gustad - da würde ich dann bestimmt auch häufiger zum Zugucken vorbeikommen :lol:

Ich auch.

Keine Probleme mit dem norwegischen Meister beim Kantersieg

Mit einer konzentrierten Leistung fegte Hypo NÖ im vierten Spiel der Champions League in der Gruppe B über Nordstrand Oslo mit 37:25 hinweg. Speziell in der ersten Spielhälfte klappte das Kombinationsspiel nahezu perfekt, eine solide 10 Tore-Führung (19:9) war die logische Folge. Nach dem Seitenwechsel riss bei den Südstädterinnen ein wenig der Schlendrian ein, ohne das Spiel aber jemals aus der Hand zu geben. Ein weiterer Zwischenspurt sorgte letztendlich zum nie gefährdeten 37:25 Erfolg über den norwegischen Meister. Damit hat Hypo Nö erstmals seit fünf Jahren endlich wieder alle Heimspiele gewonnen und hält nach vier Runden beim Punktemaximum.

Hypo NÖ - Nordstrand 2000 Oslo 37:25 (19:9)
Tore: Rotis (10), Logvin (6), Shynkarenko (5), Bilobrk (5), Nascimento (4), Engel (3), Spiridon (2), Vijunaite (1), Acimovic (1).


-- Gruppe A --
CBM Astroc Sagunto - Dunaferr SE 26:33 (13:17)
Ikast Bording EH - ZRK Buducnost MONET 32:25 (18:15)

1. Ikast Bording EH............ 4 4 0 0 119 : 101 (18) 8
2. Dunaferr SE.................. 3 2 0 1 95 : 82 (13) 4
3. CBM Astroc Sagunto...... 4 1 0 3 114 : 128 (-14) 2
4. ZRK Buducnost MONET.. 3 0 0 3 75 : 92 (-17) 0

-- Gruppe B --
Hypo Niederösterreich - Nordstrand 2000 Oslo 37:25 (19:9)
Dinamo AQUA Volgograd - Viborg HK A/S 29:27 (13:8)

1. Hypo Niederösterreich...... 4 4 0 0 128 : 100 (28) 8
2. Viborg HK A/S................. 4 2 0 2 122 : 101 (21) 4
3. Dinamo AQUA Volgograd.. 4 2 0 2 111 : 118 (-7) 4
4. Nordstrand 2000............. 4 0 0 4 83 : 125 (-42) 0

-- Gruppe C --
HC LADA Toljatti - Kometal D. P. Skopje 24:23 (13:11)
HC "Motor" Zaporozhye - Slagelse FH 19:30 (6:12)

1. Kometal D. P. Skopje..... 4 3 0 1 92 : 81 (11) 6
2. Slagelse FH................... 4 3 0 1 94 : 85 (9) 6
3. HC "Lada Toljatti".......... 4 2 0 2 99 : 96 (3) 4
4. HC "Motor" Zaporozhye.. 3 0 0 4 82 : 105 (-23) 0

-- Gruppe D --
RK DIN Nis - Orsan Elda Prestigio 27:27 (15:11)
Tertnes Bergen - KRIM Ljubljana 22:24 (14:12)

1. Krim Ljubljana.......... 4 4 0 0 110 : 88 (22) 8
2. Orsan Elda Prestigio.. 4 2 1 1 111 : 100 (11) 5
3. Tertnes Bergen....... 4 1 0 3 90 : 113 (-23) 2
4. RK DIN Nis.............. 4 0 1 3 92 : 102 (-10) 1

KRIM springt gegen Tertnes in allerletzter Sekunde von der Schippe und sichert in den letzten 4 Minuten noch den Auswärtssieg. Die Hammer-Gruppe "C" hält, was sie versprochen hat. Toljatti ist wieder im Rennen, jeder der ersten Drei kann weiterkommen.

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Saturday, January 29th 2005, 10:57pm

Also, Vereine: Gustad verpflichten, 2 Zuschauer sind schon mal sicher ;)

Hm, Lada bringt mal wieder alles durcheinander, hab mich doch schon so auf Revival Krim vs. Slagelse gefreut - naja, noch ist ja alles drin


Sunday, January 30th 2005, 12:57am


Original von zmagoválec
Also, Vereine: Gustad verpflichten, 2 Zuschauer sind schon mal sicher ;)

Hm, Lada bringt mal wieder alles durcheinander, hab mich doch schon so auf Revival Krim vs. Slagelse gefreut - naja, noch ist ja alles drin

...die könnte dann gleich mal Ordnung im Verein machen, im Neben(?)beruf ist die Gute nämlich Rechtsanwältin.

...damit jeder weiß, über wen wir hier reden...
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Sunday, January 30th 2005, 2:17pm

Krim steht auf jeden Fall schon mal sicher in der nächsten Runde. Gewinnt Ikast heute das Heimspiel gegen Buducnost, so sind auch sie weiter.

Auch Hypo sollte der Einzug ins Viertelfinale nicht mehr zu nehmen sein. Slagelse hat in der Gruppe C sicher die besten Chancen. Schließlich empfängt man ja noch Lada und Skopje zu Hause und kann heute bei Zaporozhye einen Pflichtsieg landen.
Original von
Beliebte Sportarten aber auch Randsportarten wie Handball kommen beim Publikum an.


Sunday, January 30th 2005, 6:15pm


Original von meteokoebes
Krim steht auf jeden Fall schon mal sicher in der nächsten Runde. Gewinnt Ikast heute das Heimspiel gegen Buducnost, so sind auch sie weiter.

Auch Hypo sollte der Einzug ins Viertelfinale nicht mehr zu nehmen sein. Slagelse hat in der Gruppe C sicher die besten Chancen. Schließlich empfängt man ja noch Lada und Skopje zu Hause und kann heute bei Zaporozhye einen Pflichtsieg landen.

Slagelse hat den Pflichtsieg eingefahren:

Slagelse successful in the ukrainian "fridge"

In a very important match in CL Group C Slagelse FH was fighting the almost irregular circumstances in Zaporozhye almost as intensive as the Ukrainian champion. The temperature in the venue hall was as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Slagelse playmaker Rikke Horlykke was playing in long trousers, all players wore lpong sleeves under their jerseys. The subsistutes on the benches were all wearing gloves.
Slagelse defence was better than in the humiliating defeat in Skopje lat week. The last three opponents haven't scored more than 20 goalös agaist Slagelse. Lungu seems to find her place in the team whereas Fridrikas is getting better and better after her injury.

Ikast & KRIM sind weiter. In Gruppe C bleibt's spannend. Ich kann mir auch einen Auswärtssieg von Kometal in Slagelse vorstellen.
Ansonsten scheinen dänische Teams nicht gerne nach Ost-Europa zu fahren - Viborg??


Monday, January 31st 2005, 8:58pm

The matches with Danish teams. Viborg HK, Slagelse DT had to play in a freezing cold arena, while Ikast-Bording EH played at home in "Messecenter Herning".

Ikast-Bording qualifies for the 1/4-finals

Despite a poor performance in defence... Ikast-Bording EH managed to win their 4th successive Champions League-match and thereby qualify for the quarterfinals. This was the home teams 8th match in this month (January) and the hard program seemed to have taken some strenght out the Ikast-players. Buducnost chosed to man-mark the Ikast-playmaker(K.Andersen or Hammerseng) during the first half, but this had little effect as Milanovic played a fantastic first half and so did the two wings Touray and Daugaard(picture). Ikast went up with 4 goals (16-12), but had to settle with a 3 goals (18-15) margin at the break. A 2min. suspension and Buducnost equalized (18-18) 5 minutes into the second half. The home team was shaken and Buducnost kept their momentum scoring 2 further goals going up with 2 (18-20). At this point Ikast was far from the fantastic form they have shown in January (6won,1draw). Something had to be done and Ikast-coach Magnus Johansson took his timeout explaining to the players that they needed to show more fighting spirit and to work harder in the defence. As a clear result... Ikast took charge right away scoring 6 goals in a row (24-20)... from this point Ikast had control and won a comfortable(32-25), but not so impressive victory. Buducnost played much better than the two clubs first mutual entcounter in Podgorica(22-27 to Ikast).


The Danish side secured their fourth win in a row with what can be called an “intense” victory against Buducnost Monet.

The table celebrates Danish side Ikast-Bording after a brilliant display in January. Four matches and four victories is the fact so far in the Champions League Group A. Sunday was the fourth win in a row putting the Danish club through to the forthcoming quarterfinals – it was an intense victory against the Montenegro giants Buducnost Monet.

32-25 was the final score in Herning - an entertaining handball duel witnessed by 4000 spectators. But the game contained much more excitement than showed on the scoreboard. Although the Balkan guests only had a theoretical chance of advancement from the group stage, the Buducnost team played with passion and strong determination.

Throughout the game the unit from Podgorica laid solid pressure on the home team. Motivated by an Ikast victory only a fortnight ago, the Buducnost players started aggressively. Direct defence systems - such as 3:2:1 and 5:1- created problems for the Danish hosts. But the Balkan team also came with extreme pace in the offensive stage. Once again Polish profile Izabela Puchacz and Romanian power shooter, Gabriela Hobjila held their club inside the struggle.

Ikast was down 0-2, 3-5 and 4-6 before the yellowed jersey favourites found the rhythm. Led by a growing defence, the Danes began the goal scoring. Especially Ikast profile Tanja Milanovic played a tremendous first half. The Serbian star put eight goals in the net - five of these from the 7 metre spot. Also right winger Josephine Touray impressed with five goals.

Eight minutes before half time the score was 11-11. But then Ikast's strongest weapon - the counter attacks - were pushed in position. The home side forced the guests into a team timeout - after several good performances and an Ikast lead of 16-12. The Danes had the opportunity to extend the development, but instead Buducnost hit back. Within first half's dying seconds the away team held a spell over Ikast-Bording. The Danish side was 18-15 in front, but also a player down in the beginning of the second half.

After the break Ikast was stunned. In only five minutes Buducnost had turned the game around - from 15-18 to a 20-18 advantage. But the home team overcame the crises after yet another timeout - and yet another transformation in just five minutes. Ikast took the lead once again at 25-20. But the rebound didn't shock "the enemy". Buduconost found themselves back with four quick goals - including good skills from veteran Sandra Kolakovic. Only this time the last ticket was punched.

Josephine Touray - the best player of the match and also top scorer with 12 goals - and co-winger Line Daugaard confirmed their still improving form in the vital phase. The strong Ikast defence and keeper Karin Mortensen were stressing assets for the Buducnost players. The home team ran down the guests due to an explosive counter strategy. The score changed dramatically from 27-25 to 32-25. Despite of two group matches to come, Ikast has underlined their successful Champions League journey - Buducnost Monet however must accept the puncture of an European dream.

Text: Ole Bitsch
Viborg HK slips in away game

Viborg HK faced a difficult, but not impossible task away against Dinamo AQUA Volgograd. A victory and Viborg would qualify for the quarterfinals. Viborg got a terrbile start to match going behind with 4 goals (7-3) and the nightmare continued during the first half. At one point Viborg was down with 6 (12-6) and didn't look like a one of the top favorites to take the title. In the start of the second half Viborg found their feet and showed some of what it takes... scoring the first 4 goals in the second half making the gap 1 (13-12). From this point it was small things that could decide the outcome of this clash. At 19-19 the match was all even and both teams had the chance to get the lead. Some 2min. suspension for Viborg and Volgograd went up with 3 goals (27-24), but Viborg was far from beaten. With two minutes remaining the gap was a single goal (28-27) and Viborg had the chance to secure an important draw, but Volgograd scored on the counter attack to secure the victory with 15 seconds left on the clock(29-27). This was a very disappointing result for Viborg HK... a team that has the ambition to go all the way in this years Champions League. Fruelund, Assink and Kiærskou were the best together with goalkeeper Bager Nørgaard.
Slagelse DT - a step in the right direction

After humiliating loss in Skopje last weekend... Slagelse needed to restore their trust in themselves with a victory in Zaporoshye. Both teams started terrible much thanks to the 5 degrees in the arena(the spectators were sitting in the winter-jackets). 20 minutes into the game... Slagelse started to take charge going up with 5 goals (5-10). From this point the gap was only increasing. Zaporoshye had their best period right after the break making the gap as small as 4 goals (13-17), but Slagelse was clearly the better side tonight and with a great defence they secured a very impressive victory in Ukraine. Lungu, Fridrikas and Melgaard contributed to the fantastic margin of 12 goals(19-31). Goalkeeper Leganger had an easy job in Zaporoshye... taking allmost everything that would get thru the Slagelse-defence.

Dunaferr played their first match after the tragic loss of their Hungarian international pivot, Anita Kulcsár in Sagunto. Even though the players had not experienced the athmosphere of a high-stake clash for nearly a fortnight, they were quite determined and promised that they would do their utmost to commemorate their deceased teammate with an away victory.

Before the first whistle, the Spanish organizers paid a touching tribute to Kulcsár by playing a video featuring some of her finest goals projected on a giant screen. The home players, who had faced her as an opponent on the court two weeks before, were also visibly moved. The two team’s captains walked hand in hand to an empty chair that had Kulcsár’s No. 22 jersey laid on it and jointly placed their flowers on it.

After the sad moments, the handballers began to focus on the game, and the two side’s sharp shooters, Medved and Radulovics showed their value again early in the match. Both teams applied the characteristic 3-2-1 defence. Cristina Mayo’s girls have indeed learned this system very well, Oncina showed an excellent performance at the top of this pyramid formation. However, the home side could not utilise their opportunities efficiently enough, as Pálinger was brilliant, especially against the wings, but she saved several centre shots as well. Dunaferr excelled in fastbreaks, their tight defence threw the Spanish attackers off balance and the steals often resulted in quick goals by Nagy and Pigniczki. By the middle of the first half, the visitors amassed a significant lead (7-12), which Medved’s side could only reduce somewhat before the break (13-17).

The high tempo was even increased a little bit in the second half. The game was very spectacular with fine players on both sides, but the more experienced Hungarian team outperformed the hosts in every aspect of handball. Pálinger, who was in top form throughout the clash, showed some of the finest saves of her life, intimidating the wings and even the seasoned Medved, who missed several penalties. However, the home side did their utmost to win on home soil and did manage to reduce the gap to 3 goals in the 54th minute. At that point, Dunaferr’s Szilárd Kiss had a timeout and must have given some very useful advice to his players, as they produced a 4-0 run in the final five minutes, earning an away victory of 26-33.

A proper homage to the memory of a tragically lost teammate, indeed.

Text: Sandor Joo


Wednesday, February 2nd 2005, 11:28am


The leading team in the Women's Champion's League group D, Krim Ljubljana, travelled to Norway for their fourth match this season. For Tertnes Bergen, who earned their place in this competition through qualifications, this is their second meeting with the team that has already caused them difficulties. Nevertheless, at the end of the match, experience prevailed and Krim Ljubljana qualified for quarterfinals. Tertnes has a very slim chance of making it into the quarterfinals. Not only do they have to win their remaining two matches in the group phase, their entry also depends on Orsan Elda Prestigio losing their remaining matches.

The host team were on great form at the start of the match. The Handballers from Norway were able to stop the two best players from the Slovenian team – Bodnieva and Dajcman. They did not come close to scoring a goal because the Tertnes defence was focused on them; because of this, Tertnes Bergen managed to take the lead very early on in the game.

Krim Ljubljana scored their first goal in 4th minute. For the greater part of the first half Ellingen's team had control over match. Great performances from Mette Omundsen and Hege Vikeboe brought about a positive result for Scandinavians, who have won only one match in season 2004/05 Champions League group phase. Tertnes finished the first half in the better position. They had a two goals advantage. This was after the “poor” performance of guest team who are two times European Champions and last year’s runners-up in this competition.


The first few minutes of the second half, Tone Tiselj's team were not playing very well. They allowed Tertnes once again to get achieve a three goal advantage (15:12). In the Haukelandshalle in Bergen, the goalkeeper from Tertnes Bergen, Terese Pedersen, was on top form and in a great mood after saving plenty of goals from Tanja Dajcman, Anja Freser and others. Finally, Natalija Derepasko, who was not on good form “woke up“ and scored twice from penalty throws. In the 37th minute of the match, Krim Ljubljana came into the lead after 30 minutes. This was a key point in this match of group D. Experienced team of Krim Ljubljana continued to control the game until the end even though Ommundsen from Tertnes managed to equalise five minutes before the end. In last few minutes, Andrea Farkas of Krim saved some difficult throws from Norway this helped Krim to win by a small margin of two goals.

Text: Maja Mastnak, SiOL-Sportal


Monday, February 7th 2005, 4:45am

Gruppe A, Nachholspiel:
ZRK Buducnost MONET - Dunaferr SE 16-18 (10-12)


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Monday, February 7th 2005, 2:01pm

damit ist Dunaferr auch weiter :)


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Tuesday, February 8th 2005, 2:02pm

mögliche Viertelfinalteilnehmer bis jetzt:
Gruppe A: Dunaferr SE (HUN/1), Ikast Bording EH (DEN/3)

Der direkte Vergleich sorgt dafür, dass Sagunto nicht mehr ins Viertelfinale einziehen kann.

Gruppe B: Viborg HK A/S (DEN/1), Hypo Niederösterreich (AUT/3), Dinamo AQUA Volgograd (RUS/3)

Hypo braucht aus den beiden Auswärtsspielen bei Viborg und Volgograd noch einen einzigen Punkt. Im direkten Vergleich kann sich Hypo eine Niederlage gegen Viborg nur mit einem Tor Differenz und mehr als 28 geworfenen Toren erlauben. Gegen Volgograd ist eine Niederlage mit 5 Toren erlaubt, um den direkten Vergleich für sich zu entscheiden. Den direkten Vergleich zwischen Viborg und Volgograd hat Viborg mit 7 Toren für sich entschieden.

Gruppe C: Kometal D. P. Skopje (MKD/2), HC "Lada Toljatti" (RUS/3), Slagelse FH (DEN/1)

Skopje (gg. Zaporozhye) und Slagelse (gg. Lada) können mit einem Heimsieg am nächsten Wochenende das Viertelfinalticket sichern.

Gruppe D: Krim Ljubljana (SLO/1), Elda Prestigio (ESP/2), Tertnes Bergen (NOR/3)

Elda Prestigio kann sich mit einem Heimsieg gegen Bergen direkt für das Viertelfinale qualifizieren. An Ljubljanas Gruppensieg sollte aber bei zwei verbleibenden Heimspielen nicht mehr zu rütteln sein.

*fettgedruckte Teams im Viertelfinale
Original von
Beliebte Sportarten aber auch Randsportarten wie Handball kommen beim Publikum an.


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Sunday, February 13th 2005, 12:13am

Also die Hypogruppe ist irgendwie zu hoch für mich. Viborg sollte durch sein, da brennt gegen Oslo nichts mehr an. Wenn jetzt aber Volgograd Hypo schlägt, wirds spannend. Meinn Vorredner schreibt was von 5 Toren, ich habe 4 errechnet, und eine Ösi-zeitung schreibt was von 7 Toren - so hoch könnte sich Hypo eine Niederlage erlauben, um doch noch weiterzukommen. Naja, wir haben ja noch ein bisschen Zeit zum Rechnen ...


Sunday, February 13th 2005, 12:19am

Gruppe A
Dunaferr SE - Ikast Bording EH 25:25 (11:14)
...Ikast gewinnt die Gruppe, Dunaferr hat die besten Chancen auf Platz 2.
Gruppe B
Viborg HK A/S - Hypo Niederösterreich 27:23 (15:12)
Nordstrand 2000, Oslo - Dinamo AQUA Volgograd 19:23 (8:7)
...und damit nächste Woche ein echtes Endspiel in Wolgograd. Viborg sollte in Oslo alles klar machen.
Gruppe C
Kometal D. P. Skopje - HC "Motor" Zaporozhye 32:20 (16:14)
Gruppe D
Krim Ljubljana - RK DIN Nis 40:30 (20:14)
Orsan Elda Prestigio - Tertnes Bergen 28:28 (16:13)
KRIM schwebt - noch - über den Dingen; Orsan kommt ebenfalls weiter.


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Sunday, February 13th 2005, 11:04am

Viborg spielt sogar zu Hause.


Sunday, February 13th 2005, 11:49am

Ich denke, ganz klarer Favorit auf den Sieg in der Champions League ist Krim Ljubljana


Sunday, February 13th 2005, 12:20pm

Krim ist immer eine sichere Wette. Auch wenn sie aus Slowenien kommen. Ikast ist allerdings zur Zeit richtig gut drauf und hat Chancen. Und ich bin sehr gespannt darauf, wie sich Kometal in Slagelse präsentiert. Skopje hat eine richtig gute Truppe zusammen und die zu hause zu schlagen, wird richtig schwer. Wenn sie auswärts was reißen können, dann haben auch die Chancen.
Slagelse hat sicher ebenfalls ein Riesenpotential, wenn sie's denn ausschöpfen können. Und Viborg genauso wie Lada würde ich nie abschreiben.
Ich sehe keinen echten Favoriten. Wenn ich mir's aussuchen darf, dann spielt Ikast gegen Skopje um den Titel. Und das auch nur, weil ich Hammerseng vs. Özel sehen will.